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100% of our work is performed by our trained, US-based staff

providing dealership business-hour services 7 days a week, coast-to-coast.

No Matter when that phone rings at your location, they'll talk to someone!

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Lotpop BDC is powered by Epic BDC

Epic BDC has the staff to turn leads into money.

Epic BDC has a dedicated LotWalk team, working leads for our dealers directly out of the LotWalk platform.

How does it work?

It's as easy as picking a package below; then, we get to work for you. A LotWalk BDC representative will reach out to confirm services, and our BDC specialists will begin working on your leads, bringing potential buyers to your dealership.

Each pack purchase is a month-to-month subscription with no minimum term length, so you can change your pack size or cancel whenever needed. 

Pack Options

Select a pack below to begin. It's just $12/lead, with no contracts or minimum term length. We will work on the number of leads purchased each month. It's that simple. If you ever need to adjust your pack size, cancel your pack, and enroll in another. The program is completely customizable to your needs.

Need a few more?

Use the pack below to for a one-time 50 lead add on to your package! 

*this pack can only be purchased as an add-on and not as a stand alone subscription.


Please feel free to reach out with any questions or cancelation requests for Lotpop BDC's lead management.

Just click the box below!